Korean Men’s skincare: Innisfree and O HUI products

Korean Men’s skincare: Innisfree and O HUI products

Skin care is for all, regardless of gender, age and lifestyle.  The skin is the biggest organ in the human body and our first line of defense against diseases, and sickness in our outside environment.  Hence, skincare is a must for everybody.

That skin care is a field that only concerns women is an age old notion. Today, more and more men are engaging in skincare not only for aesthetic purposes but more importantly for health.  Skin care is more than just making your skin look better, fresher, and younger for longer, it is about making your skin healthier and stronger to be resistant to diseases. We all are prone to the cumulative damaging effects of the sun as well as exposure to pollution to our environment.  Hence, skin care should equally be a concern for everyone.

Skin care products for men

The skin of men and women are the same and different.  They share the same characteristics, functions and composition.  They are also different in some levels because of gender differences.  For one, hormones in mend tend to produce more oil than that of women.  Men’s skin are generally more hairy then women.  Thus, they tend to shave more frequently which exfoliates the skin and result to dryness.

Moreover, there are also socio-cultural factors that make men skin different than women.  For instance, more men are usually exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun because of the nature of their work and are engaged in physically demanding work.  This makes their skin more rough and thick.  Women on the other hand, are more expected by society to have soft and younger looking skin because they women in general are the modern standard of beauty.

In general, men can also use skincare products for women, because they contain practically similar ingredients for skin care.  However, the differences emanating from differences in hormones and socio cultural lifestyles also resulted for the need skincare products that are specially formulated to address the unique needs of men.

Innisfree skincare

Innisfree is a skin care brand that provides innovative skin care solutions using by premium natural ingredients sourced from Korea’s virgin Jeju Island.  Due to its volcanic origins, the island has a one of a kind ecosystem that accounted for its incomparable resources for skin nurturing.  Around 80% of its ingredients are sourced from this island including green tea, volcanic clusters, orchids, lava sea water, camella and tangerine.  The unique composition of Jejus’ fertile lands also adds to the richness of the ingredients taken from which it proprietary Phytoncide formula was concocted that provided multi skin care to men for restoring a healthy and better looking skin.

O HUI skincare

O HUI is one of the most popular high end brands in South Korea.  It is manufactured by the Korean cosmetic company LG H&H, which incidentally is also the makers of SU:M37. It uses the slogan “A difference in beauty sensed by the skin.”   This means that the beauty that one achieves, in using the product not only shows physically but is literally felt by the skin – the skin being the primary measure for its beauty and health, thus, enabling users a delightful change.  O HUI’s fame is derived in the brand’s association with science, particularly on stem cell technology, to enhance and promote skin health.  And using its proprietary processes, the brand has created concentrated products that are specially formulated for skin treatment and protection.

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