Stay Basic and Back to Natural: Su:m37 °

Su:m37 °, epitomizing the mild, natural ingredient of Korean Skincare

When it comes to skincare, Koreans have lately become an adored authority across the world primarily because of their unparalleled beauty as represented by KPOP stars that seemed to defy aging.  Korean skin care methods emphasize on going natural and harnessing their ancient traditions, which is rather not new.  For instance, it emphasizes on the use of water instead of cleansers. Similarly, their skin care products also centres on the use of natural ingredients and natural processes while highlighting on careful selection and processes to attain the optimal formulation. Su:m37 ° is one of these popular Korean skin care brand that openly uses this approach whilst maintaining the mystery involved in creating their remarkable products. It is manufactured by the Korean a cosmetic consumer goods powerhouse, LG Household and Healthcare.

Su:m37 °Brand

Su:m37 ° hinges on natural fermentation skin care to breathe life and energy to your skin. Its secret programming essence can skin healthier and brighter comparable to that of a baby through the natural fermentation of 86 species of plants in order to acquire the full of vitality of nature.  Each of this plant species is carefully gathered and selected every season including its roots, stems, flowers, seeds and fruits.

Thus, Su:m37 ° is a naturally fermented cosmetic that contains the vitality of nature as it is.  What remains a mystery of the scientific process of transforming the intrinsic energy of plants for the optimal use of our skin.  Hence, Su:m37 ° maintains that its product lies between our known world and our unknown world.

Su:m37 ° Technology

At the heart of Su:m37 ° is the mysterious efficacy of natural fermentation technology. Fermentation is a metabolic process that creates chemical changes in organic substances through the natural activity of enzymes such as bacteria and other microorganisms, usually involving effervescence. The purpose of fermentation is to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients. This means nutrients become more readily available for skin absorption.  It also produces new nutrient compounds such as B vitamins, folic acid, and biotin, among others. The bioavailability of the natural minerals of plants is enhanced by cytosis or bacterial enzymatic hydrolysis.

The secret process of cytosis remains a mystery to science. However, the company focuses on the support processes in which it can provide full control such as:  the independent fermentation of every species of plants in 37 natural fermentation laboratory in Gangwon-do, which is distant from large scale commercial facilities to ensure purity of substances; various fermentation tanks to befit each ingredient and microorganism; careful adjustment of temperature and humidity; and filtration of ingredients specifically needed for skincare.

Su:m37 °Skincare products

From its basic natural ingredients and technology Su:m37 ° concocted a range of different skin care products for different purposes.  Among these skin care products included the high-nutrition rejuvenating eye cream Losec Therapy Eye Cream;  complexion whitening cream White Award Luminous Up-toning Cream; White award Whitening Spot Essence spot-correcting serum; Losec Skin reviving nutrient emulsion; and Water-full Triple Story Ampoule fermented moisture serum.

Aside from skin care, the company also launched different cosmetic products lines which all share the natural powers of plants and mysterious efficacy of natural fermentation. This included Secret, White Award, Water-full, Time energy, Flawless, Losec, Centenica, Sun-away, Special, Air RisingTF, Dear Flora, Skin Saver, Sweet Smile and Dear homme.


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