Why People Like Age20’s Essence Compact

In recent years, South Korea has and continues to prove itself as the authority of unruffled beauty. And Korean skincare and cosmetic products totally lived up to the hype. Among the most popular imported Korean products that has proliferated the market today is the cushion compact. This innovative cosmetic is fast replacing tinted moisturizers that have conventionally used by many makeup artists.  And the Age 20’s signature compact is making the waves.

What’s cushion compact?

A cushion compact is like a compacted BB cream that fuses skin care and makeup.  It not only serves as a foundation for make-up to make it look and feel but it also provide skin care health at the same time.  In particular, it provides sunscreen protection, skin hydration, and anti-aging components. The compact includes a sponge immersed with the formula.

What sets the cushion compact apart from an average foundation is its portability. It not only provides a natural look but a compact is easier to carry than glass bottles. Thus, it can conveniently be carried and packed in your bags.  In fact, it is especially advisable for travel because it is formulated with sunscreen protection. You can conveniently reapply it over your makes up and use it for doing touch ups.

The cushion is an integral component of the compact.  It serves to convert the liquid formula into a lighter emulsion in its optimal state for application to the skin. This helps in regulating or controlling the amount of liquid dabbed on the skin to be thick enough to provide protection but thin enough not to cover your make up.

Age20’s signature compact

Age20’s signature compact is one of the best Korean cushion compacts in the market.  The brand starts with the motto “Express most beautiful time of women’s 20s”.   This encompasses the brands objective and commitment of the company to help women to look younger, more specifically, to look in their 20s, which is the optimal age where one achieves youthful beauty.  For all its products, the brand aims to help its users and followers achieve the smooth and flexible skin of the youth in the 20s but also to bring them the life, vibrancy and energy of the youth.

Age20’s signature compact is supplemented with 71% skincare vital essence, comprising 7 antioxidants that are intended to increase hydration and miniaturization to prevent skin aging.  It has a 3-in-1 Triple Latte formula that rectifies, conceals and produces gleaming skin complexion. It contains the proprietary Skinmilar™ & SACRAN components that abet in reinforcing skin elasticity and the capacity to preserve moisture.  It has anti-bacterial billow that facilitates uniform application and delivers exceptional adhesion to the skin.  Finally, it also has strong UV protection ingredients to protect skin from damaging sun, prevent wrinkles and makes skin whiter or lighter.

Age20’s signature compact comes in a wide variety depending on moisturizing power, ability to stay long, and intensity of covering the skin.   These varieties are made to suit the specific needs of its users.  For optimal application, the compact should be applied in small amounts using its enclosed puff.  Application should be started from the center of face and spread outwards towards the cheeks until the preferred coverage is attained.


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