The Perfect Valentine K-beauty Products

The Perfect Valentine K-beauty products

Korean beauty products have taken the world by storm. Some of the most popular beauty trends have taken the back seat to allow the queen of skin care routines to take center stage. Everyone is in love with the new Korean skin care and make up product lines and with good reason. With customizable and personalized options for everyone there is always an exciting Korean product out there that can do the job a lot better than most other products.
With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might want to pick up a custom range of K-beauty products to enjoy the exciting month ahead. Here are a few suggestions that you might find useful and rather fun to try out


Peripera Lip tints

Peripera is known commonly as an offshoot of the brand Clio from Korea. Peripera has taken on the market of lip tints as it has affordable prices. Another benefit of these lip tints is that they have strong long-lasting formulas. This lip tint has a gradient look so it would definitely be something worth experimenting with. Since its origin, the brand has been deepening the tint range into 6 separate lines with different textures, finishes and color ranges. Right from popsicle-kissed, vibrant looking lips to lusciously velvet lips, there is a color and a texture in the perfect combination for everyone.


Clio Shadow Sparkling

You get the best color payoff from this product along with the best adherence. There is an airy, seamless adherence along with ultra light fallout-resistant particles which work to stay put on your lids. The Clio Shadow Air Sparkling products provide the perfect texture to make your eye makeup complete. You will also experience a highly-saturated shimmer which can reflect light. The even crease-free shimmer along with such vivid color payoff makes for a high quality eye shadow with stunning results. Note that it is also unchanging and extremely long lasting. Prism Air Shadow’s exclusive formula lets the eye shadow stay put on the eyelids. You can get your makeup looking spot-on every day.


Too Cool For School Jelly Blusher

This blusher has a marshmallow texture to it and it provides quite a natural flush that lets you rock the no-makeup look while wearing makeup. The Too Cool For School Jelly Blusher has a bouncy texture that manages to transform into a texture that is powdery as soon as it is applied. You will find a subtle and healthy glow appears without any caking. Extracted from fruits like sweet cherry, strawberry, apricot, apple and peach, this blusher has an opaque formula. Note that this blusher can be applied without a brush. You can just use your fingers to add a subtle flush. You can add more warmth to your cheeks with this blusher. Note that it is a portable sliding tin that is compact and perfect for on-the-go makeup fixes. If you’re looking for the right blusher to beautify yourself, this is surely the trending solution in the k-beauty market right now.


These products will prove to be valuable additions to your Valentine’s Day look. Check MAKE-UP for more information on K-beauty products if you’re set to prep for Valentine’s Day.

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