Which cream is next?!

Today I will be going over cream products because I need a new cream.

My last cream was INNISFREE Skin Barrier Cream. Over the winter season, I needed something heavier than what I used to use because my skin was so dry. I am thinking of using it again. But I just wanted to try something new to see if there is anything BETTER 🙂

These are my selection for testing:

1 INNISFREE Green Tea Balancing Cream EX: This is for oily skin. This is not a gel type but still has that coolness. But since it’s a cream type, there are some oil in it. This can be a daily use cream for oily skin.

INNISFREE Green Tea Balancing Cream

2 INNISFREE Green Tea Probiotics Cream: I think this product is good for normal to dry skin types. It helps dehydration. It might be little heavy for oily people in coming season. I would have used it if it was winter. I think this will be good for night time.

INNISFREE Derma Formula Green Tea Probiotics Cream

3 INNISFREE Olive Real Power Cream: This is definitely for dry skin. It is heavy but has right amount of moisture and oil. This can be daily use product for dry skin.

INNISFREE Olive Real Power Cream

4 INNISFREE Black Green-tea Cream EX: I think this is for dry and combination skin. I think oily skin can also use this product because of the green tea extract. Also this is an anti-aging cream.

INNISFREE Black Green Tea Cream

5 LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream EX: This is for dry skin. It has great amount of moist. Seems like it creates barrier that keeps the moisture inside the skin.

LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream EX

6 LANEIGE Water Bank Hydro Cream EX: This is for oily to combination skin. Very moist and fresh. I feel the barrier is formed to keep moisture inside my skin.

LANEIGE Water Bank Hydro Cream EX

My skin type: Oily dehydrating skin

My PICK for next cream: INNISFREE Green Tea Balancing Cream EX

Reason: My top two was balancing cream and water bank hydro cream because they both were good on my skin. But the reason why I decided to use the Green Tea one is because it felt fresh. I like the coolness and calming feel that green tea cream gives. Also it seems to absorb quicker than the Water Bank Cream. It is very light. It will be good for daily use! (I might use the Water Bank Hydro Cream too ;))

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