CLIO Prism Air Shadow Sparkling

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클리오 프리즘 에어 섀도우 스파클링

한국 판매가: 14,000원

Original Price: 14,000 won ($14)

Size: 2.5g



CLIO Prism Air Shadow Sparkling is ultralight, well-adhering eye shadow made
with a micro air technique is for smooth, flawless yet easy application.
The transparent pearly and vibrant colors of eye shadow last all day.



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16 Coral, 17 Cooper, 19 Baby Pink, 20 Red Bud, 21 Gold Sparkle, 22 Shiny Brown

2 reviews for CLIO Prism Air Shadow Sparkling

  1. Jay

    I bought both colors. Very sparkling and shimmery. Good for point make up.
    Hope you guys have regular prism line as well.

  2. 산툐리

    진짜 코랄 색상 존예….ㅠㅠ 신상 스파클도 부탁드려요!

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