INNISFREE Olive Real Cleaning Tissue 30 Sheets

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이니스프리 올리브 리얼 클렌징 티슈

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30 매 (Sheets)

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Enriched with the best quality of extra virgin olive oil from Crete island,
Olive Real deeply nourishes skin and retains moisture for healthy radiant skin.

With its rich moisturizing ingredients and vitamin nutrients from the finest grown olives,
this cleansing tissue easily removes and cleanses makeup and impurities and moistures your skin.

How to  Use

Open the sticker and pull out a sheet to use. Gently sweep over against skin to remove makeup and impurities.
Smoothly wipe off the eye area with your eyes closed to prevent formula from getting into eyes. Rinse off with cleansing foam and lukewarm water.


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