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C.U.T. (Control of UV Trap) System to treat the signs of skin aging resulting from exposure to UV rays


It provides protection against UV rays and external irritants in the city for the skin, so it can stay healthy and youthful. With strong UV protection as high as SPF50+ PA+++, it safeguards the health of the skin from exposure to environmental external irritants and with anti-oxidant Anti-R Complex, it effectively alleviates *TrapRTM in the skin to give more youthful complexion.


*TrapRTM: An element, which makes the skin weak and exhausted when it is exposed to UV rays, stress and external irritants

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Skin protection to keep it clear and healthy against particulate matter


With water hyacinth extract effective in purifying the skin, it keeps the skin young, healthy and well-protected against harmful environmental factors in the city particularly yellow dust and particulate matter.



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