INNISFREE Pore Blur Primer
INNISFREE Pore Blur PrimerINNISFREE Pore Blur Primer


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Original Price: $12

Size: 25ml

Pore Blur Primer is recommended to those who gets cakey makeup because of their pores, those who want to smooth out their skin expression, and those who want to cover their pores. The non-comedogenic test has been completed, so people with  trouble skin may also use this!

Containing Skin-fit Formula with excellent adhesion, Pore ​​Pore Primer tightly covers the pores to give a smooth skin texture. It is easy to apply with its moist texture and is light because it does not contain silicone oil.

If you use this every morning before makeup, this will prevent makeup smudge and clumping cause by pores. It is also holds sebum on the skin for long lasting makeup.


How to use: After skin care, take a small amount and apply around the area with a lot of pores (nose, cheeks, and T-zones). Roll it so that pores can absorb the product. Also applying a small amount around your eyes will help your eye makeup to last long.



이니스프리 포어 블러 프라이머


한국 판매가: 12,000원

용량: 25ml

포어 블러 프라이머는 모공 때문에 화장이 뜨시는분피부 표현을 매끄럽게 하고 싶으신분들모공을 가리고 싶으신분들에게 추천드립니다논코메도제닉 테스트를 완료하여 트러블성 피부도 사용 가능해요!

포어 모공 프라이머는 밀착감이 우수한 스킨핏 포뮬러로 모공 사이를 촘촘하게 커버해 매끈한 피부 결로 표현해줍니다촉촉한 텍스처로 되어 있어 발림성이 좋고 실리콘 오일이 첨가되어 있지 않아 가볍고 산뜻하게 사용할수 있습니다

매일 아침 화장전에 사용하시면 모공 때문에 화장이 밀리거나 뭉치는걸 방지해줍니다또한 유분기를 잡아줘 화장 지속력에도 좋습니다.

사용방법: 스킨케어후 모공이 많은 부위 (, T중심으로 소량을 덜어 모공 사이를 매워주듯이 롤링하여 흡수시켜주시면 됩니다눈가 또한 소량으로 발라준뒤 아이 메이크업을 하시면 오랫동안 유지시켜줍니다.




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